National Disability Services has launched BuyAbility– a national promotional campaign aimed at informing the community, Parliamentarians and the business sector about the value of Disability Enterprises.

BuyAbility supports Disability Enterprises to provide employment for people with disability, and in their role as key contributors to local economies and communities.

The purpose of the campaign is to emphasise the social and economic benefits of supported employment and highlight the positive outcomes that Disability Enterprises provide for their employees and their local communities.

The campaign promotes growth in the sector, encourages government and private sector procurement, and assists the continued evolution of supported employment.

HPA is a part of the BuyAbility network, which allows us to access the brand, contribute to the data and influence the future actions of the campaign.

If you have bought a piece of our furniture, use our confidential document shredding service or had items screen-printed with us then we encourage you to display “WE BUYABILITY” logo.

As a BuyAbility Network Member, we pledge:

  1. To promote supported employment as a valid work choice so that more people with disability can participate in our economy
  2. To promote skill-building opportunities and career pathways for our supported employees
  3. To pay a fair and equitable supported wage
  4. To run sustainable businesses that produce high-quality products and services
  5. To measure and report on our social impact so that our customers know and can celebrate their contribution to building a more inclusive and equitable society
  6. To be transparent in reporting about our businesses, facilities, staff satisfaction and outcomes achieved.